“The Chargeability Summary by Hours Report is my new favorite report. As the Communications Director of a risk averse marcom, it was always difficult to prove our need for headcount. Kimberley helped us define our processes and our system to run like an in-house ‘agency’. We now have the metrics we were missing that has empowered us to go to leadership and obtain the head count needed to service our internal clients. We are able set up labor budgets annually for each staff person and report against the labor budget. It shows chargeable, non- chargeable and total hours with the labor budget comparison. Metrics like these have proven invaluable to us.”


Communications Director, Enterprise Marcom

“Fewer drive-bys, more long-term project visibility (i.e. less anxiety about the unknown), more checkpoints for information/scope/asset gathering before projects are allowed to begin. against as a creative, it's been so liberating to not have to worry about project status (Did this ever go out? When is the client going to send feedback? Was there feedback that I wasn't looped in about? Do I need to worry about this?). Now, I can focus all of that energy on just doing the damn work. I also love the diary. It's a godsend for clarity and personal accountability.”


Creative Director, Enterprise Marcom

“Kimberley is the consultant we've been working with for the past year to reinvent the way we do business. She only does industry operations consulting, and primarily works with Workamajig, Clients & Profits, and likely a couple other platforms. Though, I'd emphasize that she's a process and operations consultant, rather than a software consultant. She's also awesome and, at times, terrifying. But, it's all for the betterment of the agency. It's entirely possible that the she knows more about our agency than I do. Kimberley is one of my three most trusted advisors.”


President/Owner, Mid-Size Agency

“Greater visibility into my team's plate, greater visibility into my day-to-day responsibilities, accurate time tracking, better budgeting, 20/20 on project schedules.”


Traffic Manager

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with what you have done to help us set up our new traffic process from my accounting perspective. It has only been two weeks, but I am already seeing a major increase in cash flow from the systems we now have in place. I feel much more connected to the projects and their status within our organization, and much more in control of my day-to-day responsibilities.  Thank you for rescuing us from our chaos!”


Business Manager, Mid-Size Agency